How to Clear Up Acne From the Inside Out

And Finally feel confident in your own skin again.

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What You'll Discover Inside This Free



Clear Skin Hack #1

Why most people fail clearing up the skin and what needs to be focused on instead.

Clear Skin Hack #2

How to shift away from struggling with embarrassing break outs to clear and healthy skin.

Clear Skin Hack #3

The exact steps she took to clear my skin up (and now teaches to clients).

Meet Katie!

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in helping women get rid of acne from the inside out so they can feel confident and beautiful in their own skin again.

After years of dealing with chronic breakouts across my face and body, I created my 3-step method to clear skin for good without having to resort to harmful prescriptions and wasting money on products.

I now teach the same to my clear skin clients so they can have their life back, too.

What Katie's Clients Are Saying

After years of breakouts, Becky has clear skin and...

her confidence back!

As I wrap up my last week of the program, I can't help but reflect on where I was mentally and physically when I started to where I am today. This was one of the most challenging commitments I have made in my 31 years. I completely dove head first with nothing to lose and so much to gain.

I will forever have a different mindset and relationship when it comes to food and what I put in/on my body. I have learned so much and am excited to continue that journey and education in this space.

Thank you so much to Liana Meggetto, my coach. You've been an amazing supporter and always provided encouragement when I needed it. I wish you all nothing but the best on your continued path towards whatever goals you're here to achieve.Thank you Katie Stewart for creating a program designed to actually help identify the root cause and provide the education needed to do so. You're changing lives!


My skin is a million times better!

My gut was a wreck. I was tired all the time, constipated all the time, constantly bloated and was overall uncomfortable.

This program truly changed my life because it has healed my gut. I found what foods to avoid and learned how to eat to fuel my body correctly.Even if my skin didn't clear up (which it did), I'd do this program all over again!

So much love to you and good luck on your journey!


Rachel went from chronic acne to CLEAR skin

and way more!

I'm usually not one to post but I'm so proud of myself throughout this journey and wanted to share my win with all of you! I remember first speaking with Katie Stewart a little over a year ago. You made me feel so comfortable talking about such a vulnerable topic. It was like an "ah-ha" moment, "finally someone who understands." You made me believe I was strong enough to overcome insecurities and gain back my confidence before my wedding.

With a big help from Cris Brown and the rest of the CSS team I was able to reach my goal of feeling confident in my own skin again and that has been the most rewarding thing. I can't put into words how nice it is to see your hard work pay off.

Hope this helps someone remember that there is a purpose for everything and that it's all part of the healing process.

~ Tiana

I joined at the end of December & have been following the course's general anti-inflammatory dietary recommendations for a couple weeks now. I immediately began feeling the best I ever have - gut is sound, energy is amazing, bloating/swelling down, mood is great.

This is huge for me, as I have been on an intense, 3-year healing journey so far as an autoimmune patient. I have tried so many dietary and lifestyle changes, gained so many perspectives/opinions & taking countless courses and trainings.

Something about Katie Stewart's program struck a different chord with me and gave me a strong gut feeling that this would be a game-changer for me. My intuition has never steered me incorrectly. With the changes I'm already seeing, I cannot wait to see how I further progress in this program. I know that healing my gut-something I've been trying to do for a while now, but needed the right support-will benefit me in so many ways. Hugs!

~ Nicki

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